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Gichamba comes from Kibumbu, and cycles 10 Kilometres to go and work with this community. It costs him atleast US $ 1 per day to keep himself afloat and working as a volunteer with these communities.

People around Mt Kenya have realized the good work Gichamba is doing and have requested him to help them develop their forestry network. He requires your support to help him participate in saving Mt Kenya from encroachment.

Will you help us support Gichamba’s Mt Kenya forestry work?

It costs around $ 5 to keep a volunteer like Gichamba in a place like Chuka for a day. Every penny comes from donations. Please give now to support Gichamba and other volunteers like him, doing remarkable work in East Africa......

How you can get involved
We have a wide variety of activities that supporters can get involved in, depending on your interests and time available. We welcome all the support you can provide - no matter how big or small!

Talks and presentations (guest speakers programme)
One of the most effective ways to increase awareness about VFA Volunteering Programmes, our work and development issues is to meet with and talk to people. Community groups and organizations such as rotary, church, youth and union groups often welcome speakers and actively want to help. You can approach groups to talk about the work of VFA or a more specific / general development issue. (This might be of particular interest to returned development workers and health trainers.) VFA will support you with the required resources and materials to help you with your talk.

Before you organize any event , please talk to our staff for we could assist you with publicity and other materials to make your event successful. Email us on volunteersafrica@yahoo.com

Pen and pencil programme
Returned development workers and health trainers can help us to build up a valuable resource of different experiences of working in a developing country. By providing a case study of your experience, knowledge of a particular sector, country, skill or development issue, VFA can help people to learn more about international development.

Other development awareness projects
From time to time, VFA runs a number of specific development awareness projects in conjunction with local organizations or educational authorities. If you have skills, knowledge or experience in the development sector that you would like to share, this is a great opportunity!

Information dissemination
You can help by creating more awareness about VFA, the work we do and international development issues generally. The more people who have an interest the greater impact we can have! As a supporter you will receive updates about our work, events, current development issues and appeals. Passing this information to friends, family and work colleagues helps us to reach a bigger audience.

Networking with other organizations and groups is important. It helps us to keep up to date with relevant issues, exchange ideas, share good practice and increase our sphere of influence. By networking within your community you can find out what is happening locally. This may lead to opportunities to become involved with events or other activities. You can also get ideas for activities and keep up to date with new issues. VFA always welcomes information about relevant new or local issues and initiatives, this way we can share knowledge more effectively.