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Volunteer with VFA in East Africa

Are you the right age? Are your qualifications and experience likely to be appropriate? Would you be able to spend up to two years in East Africa? Are you resourceful and open to new ways of learning? Would you be willing to share the living conditions of those around you? Would you be able to adapt to a different culture and lifestyle?

Be part of the team making a difference in the villages of East Africa..

To find out more about other VFA Projects, please visit our portal at Http://vfa.nilebasin.com

Volunteering with VFA gives you a chance to share your skills with rural people, and participate in enhancing a change for a better tomorrow. Whether a development tourist, a student in gap year, or just a professional wanting to share your expertise, VFA will always give you a chance to participate in development.

You could volunteer in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, living and working in the villages. You could choose to stay with an African family, learn all their ways of life, and teach them your ways; take time off to see the marvels of mother nature that East Africa can offer… and all this could be within the span of two weeks to two years; the length which we offer volunteer placements for.

Find out now if we have opportunities for you to volunteer by writing to the Volunteer Programmes Manager, Sebastian Njagi.



Sebastian has been in the volunteer business for as long as VFA has been in existence.

Although he was highly involved in volunteer programmes all the way from birth in his remote Tharaka District, it’s not until the year 2000 that he was recruited by VSO to work in India as a VSO Volunteer.

In India Sebastian worked with Gram Vikas, and later with VSO Programme Office.

Sebastian later left for the UK to work on a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, where he worked with CSV Action Sunderland.

 On return to Kenya he continued with development of the VFA Volunteer Programme, alongside in his community in Tharaka, where he spearheaded the building of a community bridge.