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VFA Networking and Linkages for Community Action and Development

VFA has over the years developed various networks and linkages that have enabled us the organization row with the community, and provide suitable assistance to the rural people we work in.

VFA has various links with networks and organization, both in Eastern Africa and overseas.

In Europe, VFA works with the Netherlands Committee for IUCN in a Program that supports the development of community based ecotourism, that is benefiting the local people at Lembus Forest. The Lembus Ecotourism program has been able to spread African culture amongst visitors to the local people run ecotourism enterprises.

VFA is also working with the Humanist Movement from Iceland, in the development of a Malaria, HIV AIDS Campaign amongst a rural setting in Nakuru and Nairobi Districts. The support also incorporates support of a children adoption program, as well as support to a women conservation enterprise program in Kajiado district, at Ngong Township.

We are also working together with the World Rain Forest Movement to develop a Community Resource Centre at our offices in Nairobi, that incorporates training community representatives in NRM and GIS Programmes.

The International Trees Foundation is also supporting the Eburru Forest Restoration Programme, which has supported the establishment of community tree nurseries, started and run by community members. Friends of VFA in Scotland are also supporting programs at Eburru. 

VFA also has partners in the USA, Germany and Austria.