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VFA, the people of Nakuru District at Eburru and well-wishers are participating in a project to provide more water to a community that treats water as very precious...

Two decades ago, Eburru location was an area rich in resources. Four permanent streams traversed this location, emptying their waters to Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru. The neighboring Eburru forest was rich in flora and fauna, and women did fetch firewood from this forest easily. Crops in the neighborhood grew very well. The community was well fed, rains came on time, water was everywhere. Today, this is a thing of the past.

The forest was cleared, or burnt by arsonists who were seeking for farmland, all rivers dried up, no rains, constant food failures, and as a result the people of Eburru are hungry. To ensure that there is water for everyone, the community has turned to condensing water from underground geysers, which is channeled to a cooling tank, from where it is shared to the entire community. Although the water is not very safe for domestic use, the people have had to get used to this. The water has high concentration of minerals from the ground, which has contributed to people developing teeth problems. Each family is entitled to 10 Litres of the water per day.

VFA and partners have come to the aid of the people. To tackle the problem of water, VFA has engaged on three programmes. With support from the International Trees Foundation, VFA is supporting the establishment of community tree nurseries. Over 30 nurseries have already been established, and thousands of trees planted in farms and the forest. Ms Hanna Morjan from the Find horn Foundation in Scotland, a supporter of VFA is sponsoring the establishment of water pans. VFA is also fundraising to help re-construct the water condensing systems. VFA also uses this opportunity to educate the people on HIV/AIDS and Malaria, which are very prevalent in the area. With all these projects in place, the people of Eburru will be able to live a full and healthy life.

To contribute to the work of VFA in Eburru, please contact the Programmes Director.

To have VFA arrange for you a tour to Eburru or to volunteer your time and resources to the people directly, please write to the Volunteer Linking and Management Programme Manager.